Meet the Cast

Hey there!

We’re more than just a bunch of crazy floral designers in a 200-year old farm house. Here at Petal Pushers, we thrive on helping our community. It is you who makes our shop so unique, and we’re excited to have you take a look behind the scenes of our funky floral family.

Our goal? To keep you updated on your community, while learning a few interesting things along the way!

So, welcome aboard!

Let us introduce ourselves…

The Flower Boss: Karen Vernon-Stewart first purchased the Old Tindall Farm in July of 1989, after moving from her former location on Nottingham Way under the name Carol Lynn’s Village Florist, which she started in 1987. Converted into a flower shop, the Old Tindall Farm quickly became a community hotspot. Karen, an accomplished florist and business owner, now oversees the shop in its entirety; everything from daily orders to wedding consultations are treated with creativity and exquisite detail.

Petal Productivity: Dawn Roehr has been with Petal Pushers for over twenty years, beginning work out of high school as a designer and now as a successful manager. Known by some as “DMR”, Dawn is an integral member of the design team and runs the shop with incredible talent and efficiency.

Design and Service with Style:

Petal Prowess: Norma Fish has been designing for over thirty-five years; she has worked in every aspect of the shop, using her creative talents for everything from gorgeous wedding work to beautiful shop displays.

Petal Prodigy: Erica Vogt, also known as “EJV”, has proven to have the character of a Renaissance woman here at Petal Pushers. A dedicated member of the Petal Pushers family, she not only designs with great dexterity, travels to various wedding locations, and helps customers with poise, but the culmination of her efforts have definitely added to the shop’s success. 

Petal Precision: Crunchin’ numbers as an office manager with a degree in engineering, Lee Buente is a talented member of the Petal Pushers family. In addition to helping with bookkeeping and customer service, Lee is also skilled in solving the shop’s most difficult structural problems.

Petal Passion: Rebecca Foulks has worked on the shop’s design team for over five years. Known as “the machine”, Becky not only has an incredible ability to churn out creative floral work with the utmost precision, but she also brings a vivacious spirit to the shop’s atmosphere. 

Petal Prudence: Kristen Morgan is a junior designer who attended Burlington County Institute of Technology for floral design. Recruited by Karen after winning a floral design show competition, Kristen has worked at the shop for six years and is known for her attention to detail.

Petal Precocity: Sierra Downs has worked at Petal Pushers since high school and brings a clever creativity to the shop. In addition to putting her various artistic talents to work at wedding locations, she creates pulchritudinous bouquets, helps with customer service, and spreads her floral enthusiasm through this very blog. …She also uses too many big words.

Petal Pep: Heard singing throughout the old farmhouse, Taylor Mills is the bubbly personality who greets customers with a smile. As a talented and creative member of the Petal Pushers family, Taylor helps with weddings as well as customer service.

Petal Parent: Lois Vogt is a significant member of the Petal Pushers family; as the wise and intuitive wedding trip assistant, Lois is also an on-call floral transportation employee for Petal Pushers.

Petal Preparation: As Petal Pusher’s own Wedding Liason, Melody Pelicano has prior experience working as a wedding consultant at Fantasy Weddings in Robbinsville. Melody is also currently a teacher in Hamilton.


2 thoughts on “Meet the Cast

  1. What a beautiful Blog! I am sooo happy for you all that this has come to fruition 😉 Informative and fun, what could be better. I look forward to every installment!!! Loves to all

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