Prom Fashion 2012

With prom season comes many decisions.

Who to ask? How to ask? Which dress? Which flowers?

When it comes to prom flowers, there is one question we get a lot at the shop:

“What color flower goes best with my dress?”

To help answer this, we’ve put together some suggestions listed below. Of course there are plenty of tints, tones, and shades of these colors available in many flowers, but perhaps this list will help get you started.


Dress Color        Flower Color Suggestion

Blue                      Lavender, Fuchia, White, Blue
Brown                   [all colors!]
Black                   [all colors!]
Purple                 Green, Lavender, Orange, Pink
Pink                      Fuschia, Lavender, Pink
Green                  Yellow, Orange, Pink, Gold
Red                     White, Green, Burgundy, Cream


This season, wristlets and handtieds are the most popular style for prom.

Handtieds, or handheld bouquets, are a classic way to add elegance to any dress while creating a timeless style for your prom. Wristlets, or wrist corsages, may be ordered to fit small wrists as well!

Small Wristlet with pale pink spray roses, baby’s breath, greens, light blue gems, and baby blue sheer ribbon.

Spray roses in a classic wrist corsage can compliment the dress itself in a simple yet timeless way.  Although, spray roses may be too plain for some prom-goers. If this is the case, cymbidium orchids (in either green, pink, or white) are a unique alternative for any wristlet style – as are dendrobium and phalaenopsis orchids (all three varieties are pictured below).

Cymbidium Orchid Wristlet

Dendrobium Orchid Wristlet

Phalaenopsis Orchid Wristlet in Pure White

However, if you are looking for something to accessorize with your dress, handtieds have a fuller look and tend to add a larger focal point to your pictures. Handtied bouquets come in multiple styles, including front held/short stemmed, side arm/ long stemmed, and front held/long stemmed. Of course, the possibilities are endless – just give us a call!

Combined Pink Handtied
Roses, Tulips, and Mini Calla Lilies

Most flowers work very well with handtieds, and come in medium (cantelope size) or large (honeydew size).

Combined Yellow Handtied
Roses, Green Hydrangea, Tulips, and Mini Calla Lilies

And of course, don’t forget to order flowers for him!

Call our shop to discuss various styles for matching boutonnieres.


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