In a Frigid Funk?

“It is the memory that enables a person to gather roses in January”


During the colder months, we tend to slump into a winter routine; motivation seems to be at an all-time low. We focus on the temperature (often below freezing here in New Jersey), the howling, frigid winds, and the impending snowstorms (sometimes even hail!). The idea of having to bear  the arctic environment outside of our cozy houses sends shivers down the spine; traveling elsewhere just seems that more tedious. We dread the idea of shoveling snow.

But mostly, we forget the little things that make life beautiful. We forget the roses.

This winter season, focus on your “roses”: You know, those little things… however insignificant they may seem, that bring you joy. Perhaps it’s the satisfaction of catching your favorite television show, or finding a wonderful book. Try to remember seeing the smile of a loved one or sharing a good laugh with a friend. Pull out some pictures of fun times and simply reflect. …Maybe having a dish of spaghetti and meatballs brings you sheer joy (because food always equals happiness!).

Leave us a comment with some of your favorite “roses”!

As the shop keeps our heaters on full-blast, we’ll also be remembering our “roses” all winter long.

…of course, if you’re really having trouble remembering your roses, we’ll always be selling them  here at the shop.



2 thoughts on “In a Frigid Funk?

  1. My children are my most precious “roses”… My husband, my family, my friends … and then chocolate milkshakes no matter how cold it is outside!!! Do they make deep, rich, chocolate colored roses??

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