Wait! Recycle that Fir!

It’s that time of year:

Christmas is over, but your tree is still up.

For those of you with live Christmas trees, we have a few fun suggestions for recycling those pesky pines. Instead of putting yours to the curb, consider these creative solutions!

(Of course, if you just don’t do that whole “recycling” thing, there’s always rocket-launching*!)

*Go ahead, click here. We dare you.

After Christmas…

  • Prop up your old tree near your bird feeder as a staging area for small birds like chickadees and finches.
  • Trim the branches from the tree, and saw the trunk into several pieces. Tie the pieces together and store the bundle in the cellar. This will make an aromatic Yule fire in your fireplace next Christmas Eve.
  • Create a bird feeder and haven. String your tree with orange slices, bread, cranberry, and other bird-friendly goodies, and put it in a sheltered location.
  • Remove the branches and use them as mulch in the garden.
  • Use boughs from your tree to shade broad-leaved evergreen shrubs and to ward off animals.
  • A fir tree’s foliage can be used for stuffing small, fragrance pillows.
  • Sew scraps of fabric together and fill them with the needles to make fragrant balsam sachets to freshen drawers and closets.
  • Use dried-out sprigs to ignite kindling in your woodstove or fireplace.
  • Give the tree to a friend or neighbor who has a woodchipper.
  • We’ve even heard that some customers sink old trees in their pond where they make cozy areas for fish and tadpoles to live, sleep, and lay eggs!

Know of any other ideas for recycling pine trees?

Let us know!


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