A Different Bird after Turkey Day

The day after Thanksgiving, the Petal Pushers design team set up a small and intimate wedding at the Grounds for Sculpture. Held in the Pavilion, the wedding used an array of bright colors, ranging from bright oranges to light blues. Among the gorgeous orange roses and blue hydrangea, a special guest could be seen on the table as well.

(Hint: It wasn't a turkey!)

It was not a duck or chicken, either.

However, the special guest does have a “bird” in its name: Cockscomb.

Colorful Cockscomb Varieties

Celosia cristata [Celosia in Greek means burning] is commonly known as Cockscomb, since the flower looks like the head on a rooster, or cock.

In fact, both its leaves and flowers can be used as vegetables; they are often grown as foods in India, Western Africa, and South America.

Although no one ate any cockscomb during the reception, you can definitely spot the cockscomb as a wonderful accent in the wedding’s beautiful arrangements. (More pictures will be posted soon!)

Stunning Orange Rose with Cockscomb; Alter Piece View

This upcoming weekend also marks our 3rd Annual Holiday Open House. Stop in for great sales, refreshments, and most importantly, visits with Santa! Always a great way to get into the holiday spirit!


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